I Guess, Hello World

If you work in tech this post's title probably looks like a test post to you. However, for avid golf fans, this post's title means something much, much different. It marks a moment in time when arguably the world's greatest golfer stepped into the lime light and turned pro. We are of course talking about Tiger Woods here. And while the talking heads on TV, social media, weekend nassaus, and around the water cooler will debate "Golf's Greatest Golfer" until all of us reading this are long gone from the planet, that's not what we're here to talk about today.

Today marks the first blog post from the Trap, but our goal here isn't to really "blog" per say. It's more of a collection of travels, tournaments, tour chatter, and commentary. Basically, anything golf related that sparks some shareable thoughts will live here. If that sounds like a blog to you, then great - you have us pegged! If it sounds like glorified ramblings that could be cut down and shared on Twitter in 240 chars or less - hey, you're probably right!

In any case, we'd like to say welcome to the Trap. You've been here before. Sometimes more sand, sometimes less sand. You've left a few in, skulled a few out, almost hit your playing partner in the nuts. But every once in a while you catch one just right. Perfect amount of sand, carry, and spin. We're thinking the experience here will be quite similar. 

I Guess, Hello World.

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